Every season is good for spending time with family and friends, so Greenwood Loch always has a wide range of activities to offer for everyone


Easter 1st -24th April 

It is worth considering this special time during the Easter break to spend with family and friends. Greenwood Loch has over 20 different exciting activities to offer to keep the family entertained. Without worrying about whether our full schedule is taking place during the school break in your area, we have planned our schedule to match the breaks throughout Scotland.

Book your holiday today and spend it in a great atmosphere!

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May Weekend 
th April -5th May 

The weekend in May is a great form of a short break from work and daily duties. Therefore, we highly recommend you to pack your car and choose the right place for your rest, which will provide you with high quality and a full range of service, thanks to which you will recharge your energy for the next months. Greenwood Loch strives to meet the expectations of visitors from all over Scotland, which is why our weekend in May lasts longer than anywhere else.

That is why we invite all those who value high quality, even during a short stay.

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June Weekend 
2nd June -5th June  

We have decided to unite with everyone on this special day and organize a special weekend of celebration of 70 years of service by Her Majesty the Queen. There will be a four-day bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June 2022, where everyone can feel the atmosphere of this event with us

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 Spring April-June

Don't worry if you can't join us during the school break this time.

The Greenwood Loch team is always available on weekends for those looking to catch their breath and have fun with family and friends. Our program will not include group activities, but the availability of the most popular activities will still be waiting for you.

A schedule is available every weekend outside of school breaks in Scotland.

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th June-22nd August 

The holiday break is one of our favorite seasons of the year. In recent years, we have enjoyed great popularity during the summer holidays and our activities have been attended by over 20,000 participants, which is our greatest pride and proof to our team that they carry out their work with passion and joy and make this positive atmosphere available to everyone in our park. Our team worked hard to ensure that, even during the last challenging moments of the pandemic, each activity could be carried out in a safe environment and thanks to the enormous area and nature of our activities, we were happy to make so many guests happy. Seeing the expanding group of our guests from further regions of the country, we adapt our schedule to holidays from all over Scotland.

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