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Greenwood Loch is a unique place to stay in the North East of Scotland just 40 miles from Aberdeen. We can surprise you with the amount of work that has been put into the area of 200 acres of land to meet all the needs of our guests. Perfectly planned space provides relaxation in the tranquility of nature for more than 70-holiday homes,
  moreover, our
restaurant with an excellent reputation can offer delicious meals during your stay and a wide range of activities adapted to all ages will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

You have definitely made the right decision if you are planning the best holiday for your family and friends.



Greenwood Loch is the development of a Holiday Park and Activity Centre, located in the North East Scotland.


Local businessman Stephen Donnelly has developed the site at Fisherie, Aberdeenshire, located 40 miles north of Aberdeen, a secluded area covering almost 200 acres of land into the truly stunning site it is today.

What? Who? Where? When?

The ethos behind Greenwood Loch is to develop a family, nature & wildlife friendly activity centre. Where you can wake up to a squirrel on your windowsill, then spend the afternoon mountain biking, fishing or orienteering to name but a few...

There will also be active encouragement made to attract even more wildlife to the area by the input of a second pond area.

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